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End of the Year Art Show. Dick Blick Lincoln Park.
Interview with Janelle Marchan and Ella Sharba

Thomas Kelly High School - November 2021

Athenaeum Theatre Art Show

Thomas Kelly High School

Lane Tech High School

The Darkness Within

I run so fast, running from the darkness
The lights dim, the streets growing dark behind me.
The beast is following in the dark.
I stumble, almost fall.
He growls and snaps at me.
I scream, the fright growing
I get to a dead end.
Nowhere to go, I turn to face the beast
When I realize that the beast is no such thing.
The beast is the darkness within
The darkness that followed me through my life
Until I found the light.
I never confronted the darkness that followed me this night.
I start to tell him to leave me be
He turns and runs in fright.
I confronted the darkness within my heart,
And I love the light in my life.

Student Comments

"You inspired me to be in an art club, and to create a portfolio of my own!"

"I actually got the feeling of art!"

"You have to think special and great. Personally, you inspired me to tell my parents that I want to be an actress! can change someone's life!"

"I cannot begin to tell you about the sense of accomplishment that I felt when I finished my drawing...painting and writing are all a kind of magnificent art work!"

"I like expressing my ideas and feelings in any way...You allowed me to do this during school!"

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