Mission and goals

Our Mission

The purpose of Art Odyssey is to identify and meet the needs of talented  students by providing consistent and continuing exposure and experience in the Arts, establishing a strategic method to careers in the Arts, and fostering a supportive environment for artists.

Our Goals

Art Odyssey is committed to identifying artistically gifted youth through multicultural in-school field trips and long-term programs, which expose students to art of many cultures and enhance the social studies curriculum.

Art Odyssey seeks to establish a series of courses taught by professional artists, where talented youth can hone their craft and develop partnerships with professional artists.

Art Odyssey serves as a community resource for teachers, parents, and young artists, offering career guidance, professional connections, and a viable thriving environment that celebrates all of the arts.

Art Odyssey supports the following research based premises:

Study in the Arts

  • Leads to significant gains in ACT and other standardized test scores
  • Improves verbal, math, reading and writing abilities
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • Enhances communication skills and professional potential
  • Leads to greater success in school
  • Increases students' self esteem

National Endowment for the Arts

National Art Education Association

The President's Committee on Arts and Humanities

The Kennedy Center Arts Edge

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