Story Time

  • Snazzy Time Story Hour/PreK - 2nd grade. Stories and Art Projects

Art Exhibitions

  • Dick Blick Lincoln Park/Kelly High School/Lane Tech High School

  • Athenaeum Theatre/Lane Tech/ featuring Janelle Marchan and Ella Sharba

  • Second City Training Center Gallery/Kelly High School
  • Lane Tech High School, Lost Artists Colony Chicago
  • Second City Training Center Gallery/Lane Tech High School
  • Lintz and Vail cafe and Gallery, Evanston, IL- Oakton Community College Students
  • 5th  3rd Bank, Wilmette, IL – Wilmette District 39
  • Linz and Vail, Evanson, IL – Evanston District 65
  • Dick Blick, Evanston, IL - Evanston District 65 and Evanston Township High School
  • Utretcht Art Supplies, Chicago, IL
    Mays Academy CPS, Jones College Prep,
    Chicago Public Schools, Latin School of Chicago, Catherine Cook
  • Frame Warehouse, Evanston, IL - McGaw YMCA
  • World Star Realty/Falcon International, Chicago, IL
  • Kristoffer’s Cafe and Bakery, Pilsen Art District, Chicago, IL

Art Auction 

  • Heartland Animal Shelter, Barbara's Bookstore, The Glen, Glenview Il

In-School Field Trips

Art Fairs – Workshops with professional artists who discuss their careers and demonstrate their work.

Students create hands-on works based on the presenters’ examples.

Avoca District 37

Marie Murphy Middle School Art Fair, Wilmette, IL

Professional demonstrations with student participation.

Asian Yurt Workshop – A photographic tour of Mongolia where students team geographical challenges and how to build their own portable homes called Yurts.

American History Freedom Quilt Workshop – Students learn how to make a quilt that disguises a map of the Underground Railroad.

Theatre Workshop – Interactive discussion on the art of writing poetry.

Students write their own poetry and create an anthology.

Career Connection Workshops

ART EXHIBITS – Preparation and display of student and professional mentors’ art work.

Long Term Programs

  • Artists in Residence
  • Murals
  • Orphans of the Storm, Riverwoods, IL

Guided Tours

  • Artists Studios
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Museums
  • Art Centers

Teacher’s Professional Development Workshops

“Gifted Education and the Arts – Integrating the Arts Across Curriculum”

Chicago Public Schools

Program inspired by Restored Progressive and WPA Murals.

  • Tilton Elementary
  • Sawyer Elementary
  • Kelly High School
  • Schurz High School

Kelly High School Career Night Art Panel Participants  for years 2006 through 2010.


Special or customized programs are available with regards to the needs of your school or group.

Music programs are available in partnership with Merit School of Music.

Theatre programs are available in partnership with Lookinglass Theatre Company.

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